William C Burns wrote in 1840 and I can’t word it nay better. This says everything to me…

“When the Kingdom of God is preached to you, you are invited to subject yourselves to Christ’s authority, and to become faithful and devoted servants of Immanuel…. “You know what it is to press into any place where there is a great crowd; you do not stand listless at the door, you push your way, you press in and you enter. So it is with the Kingdom of Christ; you see and feel that you must be in or you are lost, out for ever, banished to eternal darkness and torment, and therefore you press, you fight, till divine grace has subdued your proud spirit, and made you to enter into Christ’s Kingdom by Christ, the way, the truth, the life…. “He must be all or nothing: king, sovereign, ruler, governor, or absent altogether. Now, what is He to you? Is He on the throne? Or only on the footstool? This is a question which may shew you whether you are really pressing in. “Would you be contented to give up all for Christ, and take Him alone? If possessing Him were to deprive you of all you have, and all you hope for, would you bid adieu to that all—and to the Christian it is a little all—and say, ‘Come, Lord Jesus, thine be the Kingdom’? If not, it is because you know nothing of Christ, His character, His person, or His love. He is nothing to you. The believer, who has begun to learn the value of Christ, does not find difficulty in determining whether to give up one thing, or two things, or many things for Christ, and whether he should still be repaid for so doing. He is not always hesitating and calculating whether Christ will make up this or that loss to him. He has Christ, thrice blessed portion, and in Him, all.” That—and nothing less—is the Kingdom of God.

How well do we know Him and have we been consumed by Him?

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