I have finally finished my documentary on St Patrick. I am excited to share it soon with everyone. I will include video taken in Ireland of key places. A year ago when the Lord gave me the assignment I was reluctant as I had studied him from a religious perspective and wanted nothing to do with him. However, as I went back and truly studied this man I discovered he was a powerful hero of faith.

I want to share one powerful lesson we can learn from him. We all have had things happen to us in the past and for many those things can hinder us moving forward. The root of bitterness which can spring up and defile many, can truly hinder our prayer life and walk with the Lord.

I grew up in Northern Ireland and after I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior I experienced terrible persecution. I have been stoned, beaten, had a gun stuck to my head three times, had a knife put to me, spat on as I waled through the town for miles by a crowd of people. At school many teachers would not even call me by my name but refereed to me as “it.” I recall watching my mom get beaten in front of me in our house many times (my dad died when I was five and we left America and went back to Ireland). We received all kinds of bad mail, had people block the road so we could not drive down it and camped around our house, often stoning it.

So when the Lord said go back to Ireland, I had many reasons to say no, but He said “GO!”.

As I studied Patrick I saw a man as a slave for six years in the Antrim area of Ireland. It was a very difficult time for him, but it was during this time he got saved. When he gets free and goes home, he gets a divine call to go back to Ireland. Cutting a long story short one of the first things he did when he returned to Ireland was to go to the person who had enslaved him. Now, the man a king, on hearing Patrick was coming set his house on fire and died in the fire. Patrick, however, lead the family to the Lord and the former master’s grandson, actually started a famous monastery.

In order for Patrick to fulfill his divine destiny he had to allow the Lord to take the place of his defeat and make it a place of victory. We are held captive by our defeats. We build altars and memorials to them. The devil uses them to prevent us moving forward with the Lord. He likes to continually remind us of where we were defeated.

However, we must like St Patrick, take back this places and build an altar and memorial to the Lord, the Overcoming One, Who leads us in victory and enables us to overcome. We need to be able to point to the place where the devil says”I defeated you there,” and say, “I overcame you there through Him!”

We are accepted in the Beloved (Ephesians 1: 6). In fact a better translation is we are declared worthy of His love. We must not look to people for acceptance but Him. He is the One Who truly loves us and it is His love we truly need. He will set us free and yes we are free indeed!

We are commanded to “Go!” It starts by us allowing Him to take the place of defeat and turn it into an overwhelming place of victory. Where Patrick was defeated he saw his first major revival as a family came to Christ. Then in the seventeenth century a revival broke out close to here. Finally, in 1859 a massive revival broke out here in a town close by founded by Patrick. Devil stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

We serve an awesome God and we can receive a fresh hope, a new today and an incredible tomorrow. Further, the place of our previous defeat can become a place declaring how awesome our God is and how much He LOVES US as individuals!