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Trusting In Him

Trusting In Him

Jesus called us in John 14, verse one, to trust in the Father and also in Him. We are often called like Abraham to step out from what we know on a journey. As we break away from the world we know and feels so secure, we need to keep reminding our heart, “be not troubled.” As we look at the pioneers of faith, they would hear the call and blindly obey. They could not in the natural see the future and what the Lord would accomplish through them they simply had to step out in trust. Simple trust. And they did because they knew Him. They spent time with Him and knew He was faithful and could be trusted.

The first many miles we suffer buyers regret and wonder did we hear wrong but we must press on. Power comes through obedience to Him and Him alone. Each step in obedience brings us one step closer to what He has for us.

We are to run the race with endurance having fixed our eyes on Him. We must not look back or side ways, but fix our eyes on Him.

We can’t see what is going on behind the scenes but as we move forward in obedience, our Good Father, is at work. He is preparing a table before us in the Presence of our enemies.

As Smith Wigglesworth explained we must set our desire on seeing His smile and His presence. To see Him look at us in pride and smile and then say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

But I am but dust and a frail vessel. So I desperately seek His face knowing in and of myself I can’t do it. Oh, I have been like Samson, and saw myself as something glorious and strong. I bragged on my gift and put myself on a pedestal. A mighty warrior destined for such greatness. But my pride blinded me and soon I found myself asleep and overtaken by my enemy. Humiliated and defeated! Oh the wretch that I am. The areas of unsurrendered sin became my own down fall.

But the God of the Second Chance returns to me in His kindness and mercy. In the mud and filth of my arrogance, He came and His pierced hand reaches down for me once again. Oh, the cross has never been more real. His mercy never more precious and His love so strong. In total awareness of my unworthiness I find myself totally broken and in holy awe. I could not love Him more and be more grateful.

Placed on a rock my life declares His great mercy and I now boast in Him. The dream and hope refreshed and restored I stand looking at Him and wondering, “why me?” “Who, am I that You should show me mercy?”

So I set out this time on the journey in humility and in surrender. A hearing heart, broken and ploughed open by His Spirit, walks in holy fear but yet in a confident peace. I look to be alone, but He is with me, He is for me and He has gone before me. He is my First Love and He has stolen my heart.

“Two road diverge in an open woods, and how I wish I could have taken both,” but the Spirit draws me down one. It is not the one I would not have chosen by myself. Now I find with each step I am further from my past and closer to being with Him. Each step, I am being transformed and conformed into His image.

Like David Brainerd I find myself swallowed up in Him. I am consumed. Now I desire that many may see and fear and put their trust in Him, my Faithful Friend. I press on towards the prize, letting go of the past and the weight which for so long clung to me. For I am His and He is mine!

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