Pioneers of Faith

Breaking New Ground

Pioneers are bold individuals driven by a vision from heaven. What for many seems to big and too great, to them is totally possible. They seek to take new ground and advance the Gospel in areas few have tried. They are leaders who go before. They start new moves, ministries and outreaches. They often suffer great criticism and persecution. But they are people of strong character and perseverance that refuse to quit. They often brought back to the Body certain revelations lost through religion.

Listen to the message of William C. Burns in 1840: “When the Kingdom of God is preached to you, you are invited to subject yourselves to Christ’s authority, and to become faithful and devoted servants of Immanuel…. “You know what it is to press into any place where there is a great crowd; you do not stand listless at the door, you push your way, you press in and you enter. So it is with the Kingdom of Christ; you see and feel that you must be in or you are lost, out for ever, banished to eternal darkness and torment, and therefore you press, you fight, till divine grace has subdued your proud spirit, and made you to enter into Christ’s Kingdom by Christ, the way, the truth, the life…. “He must be all or nothing: king, sovereign, ruler, governor, or absent altogether. Now, what is He to you? Is He on the throne? Or only on the footstool? This is a question which may shew you whether you are really pressing in. “Would you be contented to give up all for Christ, and take Him alone? If possessing Him were to deprive you of all you have, and all you hope for, would you bid adieu to that all—and to the Christian it is a little all—and say, ‘Come, Lord Jesus, thine be the Kingdom’? If not, it is because you know nothing of Christ, His character, His person, or His love. He is nothing to you. The believer, who has begun to learn the value of Christ, does not find difficulty in determining whether to give up one thing, or two things, or many things for Christ, and whether he should still be repaid for so doing. He is not always hesitating and calculating whether Christ will make up this or that loss to him. He has Christ, thrice blessed portion, and in Him, all.”

They have an entrepreneurial spirit and always are pressing forward. While they are content in Him, they always desire more. They want a bigger vision, bigger field and want to reach more and more for Christ. They are passionate and sold out to a cause. Their lives are consecrated to achieving what God has put in them. They are often misunderstood and walk and work alone.

Those who follow after them rarely carry the same passion and fire and quickly settle at spots the pioneer had planned to be a launching point for going further.

Pioneers are those who lingered a little longer in the Secret Place and caught hold of the heartbeat of heaven. They see themselves as transients just passing through, pressing forward to the prize of going home to be with the one they love, Jesus. Every day, their goal is a bold advancement of the Gospel. These people will challenge the status quo of religious organizations and are often classified as rebellious and unsubmitted, which is the furthest from the truth. Pioneers only gain respect when they have run the race and people see the results. Then everyone wants to claim a part fo the success.

The Ultimate Documentary on Dowie
This is a long documentary, but understand it includes powerful interviews from experts, a lot of historical material, including video tours, old photos and an audio recording of Dowie. There are few if any documentaries on Dowie that will provide the same wealth of information. The video does break into two parts, The Australian years and then the Chicago years. This video will bless you. SO come back and watch it over a period of time if necessary.

In this video we will look at the story of John Alexander Dowie and seek to learn from what he did right and what he did wrong. We have interviews with

Dr Barry Chant from Australia to give us insight on Dowie’s time in Australia

Dr Michael Brown of Fire School of Ministry.

Revs David and Michele Vento, who have started the America Take 5 to pray campaign.

You will find this video a great resource for personal study or group study.

The video divides into two sections, Part 1- his time in Australia, and Part 2, his time in Chicago.

Dowie was a pioneer in his hour and almost all modern Pentecostal movements can trace themselves back directly or indirectly to Dowie. He was a bold figure who brought back a revelation that Jesus not alone could heal but wanted to heal and that the source of the problem was the Defiler, the devil. Dowie suffered extreme persecution but overcame it by preaching Jesus was the same yesterday, today and forever.

In this video we will include a wealth of old photos, an audio recording of Dowie and a video tour of his Shiloh home. We will have maps to show you were he ministered and timelines to show what happened when. You will find an incredible amount of material on Dowie as you watch this documentary.

We believe this video will provide a powerful tool to show you that God can use anyone if they will become desperate enough to pay the price. We also can learn the danger of pride and stepping out of our calling. We will seek to look at why Dowie derailed so as to help believers not make the same mistake.

We live in an hour where we need to stand up and be bold and be extraordinary for Him. It is important that we honor the fathers and learn from the elders. It is time the church started to gather together and cry out for revival. We need to be salt and light in the generation.


Dowie’s Shiloh Home Tour


This video shows the Dowie Shiloh House in Zion IL as well as the location of where some of his healing homes and Zion Tabernacles were. This is the prelude to an upcoming documentary on Dr Dowie which will include special guests.

Stay tuned for more information on upcoming video. We will look at Dowie and his ministry. This is part of a series of videos which will include other heroes of faith including one on “Who was the Real Saint Patrick.” We will take you to where he went and show you a man who was a real HIStory maker.

The Small Beginnings for Kathryn Kuhlman

Nuggets from the Cloud of Witnesses Series- with guest speaker Dr Roberts Liardon

Learn about the small beginnings of Kathryn Kuhlman with live video showing some of the places where she ministered. Discover how she started a world wide ministry in Idaho in the turn of the 20th century. Not the place where we would chose.
I pray this nugget bless, inspire and provoke you.

Pray Like Mother Etter

Heart Lessons from the Cloud of Witnesses _ Episode One- How did Marie Woodworth Etter and other God Generals pray to see power on the earth.

John G Lake said, “pray like Mother Etter.” If we are to see revival let’s look at some heroes of faith, God’s Generals, and how they prayed for revival. In this episode we interview Roberts Liardon who shares powerful insight.

We need revival today and it is the church’s responsibility to begin to cry out and pray. We need prayers that do not bounce off the ceiling but penetrate the heavens and release the will of the  Father on the earth.

Cloud Of Witnesses Series- The Ultimate Documentary on David Brainerd

David was a soul on fire and a man who sought to reach the unreached. He was a young man who achieve more in just a few years than many do in a long life.

There is a lot we can learn from him in terms of the weights we need to cast aside so we can run with endurance our race. He sought to earn salvation and earn credibility. He tried so hard to open a door the Lord shut seeking credibility and acceptance from man, instead of heaven.

However, he was a man who sought after the Lord. Instead of running because he could not understand God’s way, He went after the Lord in holy desperation and the Lord answered him.

He discovered the power of prayer and the ministry of the Holy Spirit and as a result was powerful in reaching the native Indians. He served his generation and left a legacy that should challenge us today.

It is time for us to walk with the same passion and perseverance in prayer and ministry. We must be willing to pay the price, suffer rejection and be cast outside.

“Most of the oppostion you will,  experience will come from brothers and sisters in the lord, from fellow workers and friends, who are ‘Sound in the faith,’ from those who are ‘established in the truth,’ even from those who are ‘on fire for the Lord.’ Often it will come from those whose acceptance you value.’

Dr Michael Brown


“It is not the university or seminary degree that gives you credibility to our ministry but the fruit that we bear  empowered by the Spirit of God”
Roberts Liardon

“Yet that is the path of obedience, the price of being a pioneer. Who among us will make the break? Will you?  What price must you pay to be fully  faithful to the Lord? What will He require of you?

Dr Michael Brown

I pray this episode provokes and challenges you. It is time for us to rise up and pay the price that this generation may know the power of the Gospel

My All and ALL –  this episode of “Nuggets from the Cloud of Witnesses” we look at Marie Woodworth Etter.

Guest Speaker is Dr Roberts Liardon

Marie Etter paid an incredible price. She was a pioneer of faith who in the 19th century did what few men would have done, not alone a woman. She came to a place where she considered all she was living for was Jesus. Every day she was one step closer to meeting Him. We see in the early church that they saw themselves as just passing through.

We are simply looking at Marie Etter on how she surrendered her life to the call and lived only for Jesus. If we could learn to live no longer held by the things of this world, but became sold out for Jesus we too could turn our world upside down.

Marie Etter traveled the country living in a tent with her tent ministry, yet she won thousands to the Lord. Today, ministers demand the best of everything if they are to even consider visiting your church. While I am not against honor or taking care of the people of God, it is the mindset. She did not demand it because she did not need it. She deserved it.

I pray this video inspires and provokes you.

Refined by the Word by Smith Wigglesworth, Cloud of Witnesses Nuggets Series

Have you ever come to a place where you cry out to God saying it is just too much or too great for you? You find yourself in a wilderness and it is hard. You are seeking after Him with everything within you, but everyone around you mocks you and claims you are a failure? If you have been there or this is where you are right now, then listen to these encouraging words.

We are told in the Psalms, that Joseph was tested by the very promise, or Word, until the time it came to pass. The word for test is refined. Think about that! The very promise tested or refined him. That promise had creative power to transform Joseph into the vessel that could walk out the promise.

We don;t always see what is going on behind the scenes and get discouraged because of what we see with our eyes. We need to walk by faith, knowing His Word is faithful.

Now listen to Smith Wigglesworth, a great hero of faith who finished the race strong and bold for the Lord. We often want to know the secrets of their power. Well, here you will find some. As we go through difficult times, He refines us. As Smith said…

““Beloved, if you read the Scriptures you will never find anything about the easy time. All the glories come out of hard times. And if you are really reconstructed it will be in a hard time, it won’t be in a singing meeting, but at a time when you think all things are dried up, when you think there is no hope for you, and you have passed everything, then that is the time that God makes the man, when tried by fire, that God purges you, takes the dross away, and brings forth the pure gold. Only melted gold is minted. Only moistened clay receives the mold. Only softened wax receives the seal. Only broken, contrite hearts receive the mark as the Potter turns us on His wheel, shaped and burnt to take and keep the heavenly mold, the stamp of God’s pure gold.”

He also said

“This Is the Place Where God Will Show up! You must come to a place of ashes, a place of helplessness, a place of wholehearted surrender where you do not refer to yourself. You have no justification of your own in regard to anything. You are prepared to be slandered, to be despised by everybody. But because of His personality in you, He reserves you for Himself because you are godly, and He sets you on high because you have known His name (Ps. 91:14). He causes you to be the fruit of His loins and to bring forth His glory so that you will no longer rest in yourself. Your confidence will be in God. Ah, it is lovely. “The Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty” (2 Cor. 3:17).”

I pray this nugget bless, inspire and provoke you.

Miracle Power by Smith Wigglesworth, Cloud of Witnesses -Nuggets from the Heroes of Faith Series

Revival  a Divine Assault on Society

In part two of looking at revival and how it is a divine assault on society we learn how it is also an assault on you and your walk. It will radically change you.  We look at what Smith Wigglesworth shared on walking in a continual revival and with power. He shares simple steps so you can have the miraculous in your life as well.

Daily we must be closer to Him and more on fire for Him, or we have backslidden. We need to learn to be content but not satisfied. Daily pressing forward for more of Him and a deeper relationship. All hindrances must be exposed and removed.

I pray this episode will challenge and inspire you.