Every Generation Needs a Reformation

How quickly we forget and allow religious traditions to take a hold of us and make the Word of no power. These brave heroes stood against the authorities of the time and with a Holy Ghost boldness dared to stand up for the Word. Many of the liberties we enjoy today, such as being able to freely read the Word, was a result of the price paid by these heroes.  They paid a great price and many suffered severed persecution, torture and death. We must never loss sight of the liberty of the Spirit. While I do not believe in being rebellious, I do believe we need a Holy Spirit revolution in our churches today.

“Even if something was originally born in the power of the Spirit, once it loses its fire, its vigor, its freshness- in other words, once it becomes ordinary or traditional or natural- it will persecute the new thing born in the power of the Spirit. That which used to be the new wineskin will reject that which is a new wineskin.”

Dr Michael Brown

As Martin Luther wrote…

“My conscience is captive to the Word of God…Here I stand, I can do no other. God help me. Amen!” Diet of Worms, April 18th, 1521

In every generation someone must be bold and appear to be a fool in the eyes of many in order to see a fresh move of God birthed.


Let me quote from Dr Michael Brown, “Could it be that today’s Church needs reformation as much as the Church in Luther’s day needed upheaval and change? Could it be that today’s Church needs renewal and rehabilitation as much as the Church in Wesley’s day needed to be totally transformed? Is this really such a revolutionary idea? Is this really such an extreme position? Is this really such a radical proposal? It is up to you to decide, and once you decide you must act. God alone knows what the implications could be if you stand up, if you hear, if you obey. The world will never be the same.”