Proactive verses reactive

I was in the UP of Michigan this week. Before I left I heard the Lord say it is important to learn to pray proactively and less re actively. If you study the Our Father for example you see that we are called to start the day praying in the will and kingdom into our lives and situations. SO before anything occurs we have declared and prayed in His will. More often we pray once the situation has occurred. How much could we prevent by being like Jesus and getting up early spend time in prayer declaring the will of the Father into our lives before our day begins?

Before I left as I say I was in prayer and heard the Lord call me to be proactive. He said it meant learning to listen. In First Kings chapter three we see the story of Solomon becoming king and God asked him what he wanted. Most read only the version which says, “wisdom.” But in First Kings we see a better translation and here we see Solomon ask for a “hearing heart.” We truly need to learn to hear.

SO before I set off on my time I hear the Lord say an attack was coming against my lens. He also told me as we shut up the house not to lock one window. Well, I am strong on locking up but I knew it was Him so I left the window unlocked. That proved critical because when we returned the person with the key was hours of way and we would have been stuck outside. SO I hear Him on that.

On the lens for some reason I thought He was talking about my glasses so for the first time ever brought second pair with me.

The third night there I went and was photographing Lake Superior. I wanted long exposures of the sunset so the water would look still. I took a series as you can see. When I finished I started to pack up my stuff but decided to take one more. As soon as the photo was taken my camera decided to face plant, smashing the lens. I have never broken any camera equipment in all my years. I am working on some new video material (coming soon). I sat in shock until the Lord told me pick it up. I realized I had missed it. He was not the source of the problem. No! We have an enemy who seeks to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus came that we might have life. Had I listened and taken the message He was saying earlier I could have prevented it. Lesson learned. Lenses can be replaced but lives can’t. We can prevent so many things in our lives by listening and learning to be proactive in prayer like Jesus. In the Book of Hebrews it says that in the days of His flesh He gave up loud cries unto Him Who was able to save Him. Jesus knew He was utterly dependent on the Father. He walked this earth as a man is absolute obedience and dependency on the Father and the Father never failed Him.

I hope you enjoy the photos but more importantly learn to follow the example of Jesus, the Author and Perfector of our faith and pray the Father’s will in first thing each day. Declare you absolute dependence on Him Who is absolutely faithful!