Tertullian a Christian who lived in the later first/ early second century wrote

“Though we are strangers of no standing, yet we (Christians) have filled all places of your dominions, cities, islands, corporations, councils, armies, tribes, the senate, the palace, the courts of judicature. If Christians had a mind to revenge themselves, their numbers are abundant, for they have a party, not in this or that province only, but in all quarters of the world. Nay, if they were to combine and forsake the Roman empire, how vast would be the loss The world would be amazed at the solitude which would ensue.”

They same stands today. Together we are powerful. If we would together rend our hearts, seek His face and pray, the power that heaven would respond with, would be incredible. That is the clarion call of Joel 2.

Can you imagine if we stood up as a voice! If we made political parties listen to us! If we told them if you want our vote earn it by standing up with the principles we will not bow on! I am talking all parties!

Thank you all who have taken the challenge. There is a clear sense of urgency from heaven. Revival is beginning and we are called to work with heaven. It starts as always by us rendering our hearts and seeking His face in prayer. Please help me provoke believers to do this and let us stand together in Christ.