John G Lake on the Authority of a Believers

John G Lake On The Authority of the Believer

In This episode we look at insight from John G Lake on the Authority of the Believer. Discover how the Lord made you in His image and through receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior and being baptized in the Holy Spirit, you can walk this earth as a son with divine authority.

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John G. Lake- The Authority of the Believer

  • Man was the pinnacle

“Jesus is endeavouring to teach through the apostle; that man was the crowning creation of God- that God endowed him with a nature and qualities that by the grace of God can express more of God than any other of God’s creations.”

  • We are His family as believers

“Brethren of the Lord Jesus Christ! He, the elder brother, we the younger members of the family of the same Father, begotten by the same Spirit, energized by the same divine life of God, qualified through the Holy Ghost to perform the same blessed ministry.”

  • We have available to us the same Holy Spirit

“by His loving touch and the power of the Spirit through the Word, destroyed the sickness and sin that bound them and set them free in both body and soul, lifted them into union and communion with Himself and God the Father.”

“I am glad, bless God, that the Scriptures have dignified us with that marvelous title of “son of God.”’

“That is that the Spirit of God is a living force that takes possession of the nature of man and works in man the will of God, and will of God is ever to make man like Himself.”

“The revelation of the power of God at the command of man, to be applied to the destruction of evil, whether spiritual or physical, mental or psychological, shows us Christ’s purpose and desire to bring man by the grace of God once more into his heavenly estate, where he recognizes himself as a son of God.”

  • He transforms us into a new creation

“He has not withheld one possibility that was manifested in Jesus from any man, but on the contrary invites mankind to come forth in the dignity and power of sons of God, and to that Christ and in Christ join in the mighty wonder of salvation of the world over sin and sickness, and the power of death and darkness and hell.”

“There were days when the Lord God took me into His confidence and revealed His nature and revealed His purpose, and revealed His love and revealed His nature and revealed His ministry.”

“We may know Him as an historic character, we may know Him as the ideal man, we may know Him as the Christ and Savior, but we do not know Him as the living God Who imparts His own nature and life and power to us, until we know Him as the Scripture says in the Holy Ghost.”

  • The Greater One is in you

“If your questions were settled by the words of Jesus, we would be out of all confusion that the world is in at the present.”

“There are many preachers who are afraid of the devil. They have no idea of how big God is Who dwells in you. They have no idea of the power given to you because God dwells in you.”

“And if we had faith to believe that the ‘greater than he’ is in us, bless God, we would be stepping out with boldness and majesty.”

“The Spirit of God anointing the Christian heart makes the souls impregnable to the powers of darkness.”

“The Spirit of power is the Holy Ghost, bless God. And not only the power, but of love and of a sound mind.”

“Dear friends, from Heaven there comes to you heart and mine the dominion of Jesus by which the God-anointed soul walks through them, through myriads of demons and they can not touch you.”

“Friends, when your heart is surcharged by that faith in God so that ‘Greater is He that is in you that he that is in the world,’ you will pray a new prayer.”

  • The Authority of a Son Given the Name of Jesus

“What is the Holy Ghost? It is simply the gift of God Himself to you.”

“The most magnificent thing the Word of God portrays is Christ indwelling in you by the Holy Ghost is to make you a son of God like Jesus Christ; God anointed from heaven, with the recognized power of God in your spirit to command the will of God.”

“The sanest man is the man that believes God and stands on His promises, and knows the secret of His power, receives the Holy Ghost and gives Him sway in his life, and goes out in the Name of the Lord Jesus to command the will of God and bring it to pass in the world.”

“A great mand people lose the blessings by getting themselves in other people’s affairs.”

“I wish that we had spirituality and faith enough to look through the mists and see what was taking place all day long, until the powers of darkness were dispelled and the healing came.”

“This thing is of hell, it cannot be, it will not be. In the Name of Jesus Christ I abolish this death and sickness and she shall live.”

  • Bold Faith and the Power of His Name

“Beloved. It is not our long prayers but our believing God that gets the answer.”

“And sometimes you have to lay hold of God, and stay before God and stay through the blackness and through the darkness, and through the night of it, until the faith of God penetrates, and the work is done.”

“If there is something that is keeping you from getting blessed, let go and let your hands and heart open.”

“Not only is it so in your prayers for others, but in your prayers for yourself; some of you are holding on to your sickness, or difficulty with such a clutch, and are so everlasting conscious of it, that God cannot get it out of your hands.”

“Its not try, but trust.”

“its not trying to get healed. It is trusting Him for it, and believing Him when He says He will do it, and the mind relaxes and the soul comes to rest.”

  • We must walk under His authority

“Usually we hear a good deal more about exercising the authority of God over everything else but ourselves.”

“Taking every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ.’ Not a rambling mind, but a mind controlled, a mind directed, a mind fixed on God, a mind with ideals of God’s holiness and wholeness of body, soul and spirit established there.”

“Healing is simply the salvation of Jesus Christ, having its divine action in a man’s flesh.”

“When the leper said to Jesus, ‘Lord if Thou are wilt Thou canst make me whole,’ he recognized that Jesus had the power but was not clear about the willingness.”

  • The Power of His Love

“I believe the greatest thing is that Jesus showed the world how to exercise compassion for one another.”

“Compassion reaches further than the law; further than the demands of judges. Compassion reaches to the heart of life, to the secret of our being. The compassion of Jesus was the Divine secret that made Him lovable.”

“How easy it is for us to feel the righteousness of the issue, rather than the compassion of the Son of God. There is no limit to the compassion of Jesus.”

“The ignorant crucify you, and trample over the loveliest things of the soul, like they bruised the soul of Jesus. The triumph is there.”

“if this Church ever succeeds in doing that big thing, that great thing, that unspeakable thing that God purposes that we should do, it can only be when we enter into that Divine compassion of the Son of God.”

  • We must surrender to His Will

“There are two phases of entering into the will of God. The first is the surrender of our will to the will of God.”

“I want you to see the dedication of your body, soul and spirit means something. It means you have taken yourself out of the hands of man and out of the hands of the devil, and are over in God’s way and God’s will forever.”

“First dedicate yourself to God.”

“The devil said, ‘Did You mean the consecration that you made? Did You mean when You gave Your Body and Soul to the Lord at he Jordan, that it was forever?”

“First Jesus dedicated all His Being, Soul, Body and Spirit to God the Father. Next, the Holy Ghost from heaven came upon Him. He entered the temptation filled with the Spirit. He returned from the battle in the power of the Spirit.”

“But when the Lord comes, He opens to the soul the depths that have never been touched in your life.”

  • You must be hungry

“I wish to God we were desperately hungry for God.”

“God’s purposes come to pass when the heart and mind get the real God-cry, and the real God-prayer comes into our spirit, and the real God-yearning gets hold of our nature. Something is going to happen.”

“And the hunger of a man’s soul must be satisfied, it must be satisfied. It is a law of God; the law of God’s depth of the spirit. God will answer the heart cried; God will answer the soul that asks.”

“Christ Jesus comes to us with divine assurance and invites us when we are hungry to pray, to believe, to take from the Lord that which our soul covets and our heart asks for.”

  • Working together with Him

“Moses, you and I are one, stretch forth your hand and divide the sea.”

“There is a mighty manifestation of the Spirit of God that has dominion over every other power.”

“In spite of the clear, convincing testimony of the Scriptures, and the ever accumulating cloud of witnesses, who testify of the healing received through faith in Jesus, many preachers and teachers are still blindly rejecting the truth to their own final discomfiture and undoing.”

“I believe that just as long as I keep my soul in contact with the living God so that His Spirit is flowing into my soul and body, that no germs will ever attach itself to me, for the Spirit of God will kill it.”