The Awakening is Starting

The Lord awoke me the other night and I saw a news headline saying, “The Awakening of 2017.” Then last night He awoke me and said, “Content.” He went on to explain what He meant as I will share. I am neither a prophet nor anything special. I seek and pray to simply be obedient.
He brought up the church of Laodicea and how they were content. The members were busy doing “good works,” and happy. They had success and were not in need so they were not desperate for Him. All was well with their world and so they remained neither hot nor cold. They were believers in theory believers but wanted just enough of God to feel good and not have to change. You see there comes a place where to go on with Jesus there is a price to be paid. We see this in John chapter six. That is where it all becomes real and the wheat and tares separate.
Jesus left His glory and walked this earth as a man in absolute obedience to the Father and Holy Spirit. The disciples would give up everything. They would lose family, friends, and the world they knew. They would end up in foreign nations and most dying horrific deaths. They suffered insult and persecution but the price failed in comparison to what they had found. What are you willing to pay to be obedient in this hour? Or is the cost too great?
For many they are content. They have just enough Jesus to feel good and they have friends, family and they are serving in the local church. Their world is perfect. But there is no holy desperation. So revival tarries. Why have we not turned this world upside down for Jesus? If the early church with their primitive tools did it in the first century, how much more we, with all that we have today, accomplish? But that is where the price comes in. Free is good, paying for something not so good. But there is no glorification without crucifixion!
As I study the heroes of faith they all had to become dead to this world to be of any heavenly use.
In the 1850’s for most the world was perfect. The global economy was growing, jobs were plentiful, there was a gold rush and dreams were bigger than the sky. Money was abundant and people became consumed with it. Churches became empty and believers backslidden. We became the church of Laodicea. But things were about to change. Just as God became to stir believers to pray, the foundations began to shake. It sounds a lot like today. Let’s look at what happened in 1857 and I ask you does any of it sound familiar today-
1) The world have become global and the global economy slowed as did the US- it was the first global economic crisis
2) The Ohio Insurance and Title company failed- it was a powerful mortgage company
3) The gold rush was coming to an end and the sinking of a ship full of gold brought great concern to banks
4) Bankers and investors were wary
5) Credit had dried up
6) Rationalism had taken over
7) Deism had taken a strong root
8) There was a growing liberalism
9) The stock market went into a decline
10) People started losing jobs
All was looking bleak, but God! He had a plan and believers started praying. A man called Lamphier (I have a video coming on this very soon so stay tuned) who was hired to go door to door and encourage people to come to church decided to start a noon day prayer meeting right in the downtown of New York. Most expected it to fail and initially it looked like it would. But grew week by week until they had to move to another floor and then to another floor to hold the crowds. Finally, they would occupy three floors. The news spread and similar meetings began elsewhere. It would spark a seed in Ulster, Northern Ireland where a man started praying. That broke out into the Second Awakening in Britain.
Millions would come to the Lord. It started with prayer and blossomed into a massive burden for souls. It crossed denominations and was built upon a love for Jesus and for souls. People found in Him rest for their souls.
Many looked at politics for change but the real change came from heaven. The impact was beyond the church. It impacted the way of life for everyone. It brought social change that was needed. Out of it came (and I ask you how many of these do we need today as well):
1) Inner city missions
2) International missions
3) Woman’s rights
4) Child labor laws
5) Desire for education
6) Anti slavery movements (the end of racism today)

I look and I see today a similar thing going on. Remember the Word says that there is nothing new under the sun and that which has been will be again. We see patterns in history. We see a similar setup all around us. What is hindering revival? Contentment! The church needs to get hungry and thirsty! We need to get desperate for Him! To see Him lifted up and souls won! We need to buy eye salve through repenting and returning to Him. We need to let Him back into our lives and make Him priority.

I rejoice as I see believers from all over and different denominations and non denominations joining together. When I say believers I mean those who call on His name and trust in Jesus as Lord and Savior. I see them gathering together to seek heaven and pray. To agree together that we need Him and we need Him to move. I see believers recognizing that the light must shine on us and expose the wretch in us first and we must repent and change. I see a people awakening.

I believe we are on the verge of the greatest awakening that will see the greatest harvest of souls for Jesus ever seen. I am humbled to be a part and seek in desperation that there would be less of me and more of Him. The world needs Him and not me. I am persuaded we are beginning to see that revival and in 2017 it will burst forth. So I will provoke believers to press in to Him more than ever. I will call believers to dare get bold for Him and jump in the deep end. I will seek to stir inside of believers by the Holy Spirit a holy desperation for Him and for souls. A hunger that refuses to be satisfied and a desire for holiness and purity so we may walk in power lifting up the Glorious Lord and Savior, Jesus. What if I am wrong? I still be praying and calling more believers to come together and seek His face (surely that is the beginning of an awakening).

Keep looking up for our redemption draws night
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