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Evangelical Heroes Who Changed The World

Reinhard Bonnke

Reinhard Bonnke April 19th, 1940 to  December 7th, 2019 To fulfill God’s purpose, we should think of ourselves as humble channels for His Word and Spirit. A copper pipe cannot boast of the [...]

Oral Roberts

Oral Roberts- His Life and Ministry January 24th, 1918- December 15th, 2009 “My failures are ever before me. They do a better job of keeping Oral Roberts humble than any self-appointed critic might.”1 [...]

The Hebrides Revival

Hebrides revival 1949-52 Background In considering the revival, it is necessary it look at the revival in 1939. The Carloway and surrounding area had experienced an awakening from 1934 to 1940. The previous [...]

The Cambuslang Revival 1742

Cambuslang Revival 1742 Introduction In 1623 the Six Mile River revival broke out in Ulster, Ireland. It occurred after the plantation of Ulster, including by many from Scotland.  In fact, for several hundred [...]