The Heart of Robert Pears

To provoke believers to return, repent and develop a holy desperation for more of Him. To press in and seek Him in the secret place

That believers would be transformed from glory to glory by His Spirit and conformed to His image

To see the church restored and awakened to be a voice for Him in this hour

To see souls won for Jesus and His kingdom manifest through preaching the Word with power

To provide quality material to enable believers to honor the fathers and learn from the elders so we can more effectively run the race set before us, setting our eyes of Jesus
We are sold out to lifting Jesus higher and being wholly consumed by Him. We seek to advance His kingdom and not ours. We desire to abound in the fruit of the Spirit beyond our gift and calling
The heroes of the past paid a great price to bring us the Gospel and serve not just their generation but every generation since. We seek to challenge the church today to step up to the plate and sell out for Him, that in these last days we might bring Him much honor and reach this generation

Warmest Blessings from Robert Pears

When Robert was five his father took ill and they moved from Chicago to England, where his dad died. He then grew up in Northern Ireland during the troubles. At the age of seven he had a personal encounter with the Lord that changed his life for ever. Since then he committed his life to serving the Lord.

He has served in most positions in the church and is a pastor and teacher. As a fan of history, recently the Lord put on his heart to study the heroes of faith and great revivals. He has traveled extensively and spent many hours in research. He has interviewed many key people such as Dr Roberts Liardon, Dr Michael Brown, Dr Barry Chant as well as others including the descent of Marie Etter.

In his documentaries he seeks to open up the story of the hero of faith, showing you that they were just ordinary people that learned to surrender to the Lord and His will. You will see video and photos of key places they lived and ministered. You will see maps to better understand where they located. You would discover what they did right and where they missed it.

In addition we have material on great revivals to encourage you and provoke you to pray for revival in this hour.

Robert has written many books and committed himself to getting as many believers to stand in agreement, praying daily for revival.


Robert lives with his wife, Lorin, and four kids in the northwest suburbs of Chicagoland.

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Robert Pears
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