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Let’s look at the Moravian Revival and Count Zinzendorf, the leader of that revival.  Zinzendorf longed to see souls won for Jesus. The Lord fulfilled the desire of Zinzendorf’s heart. It did not come the way he thought it would, and he could never have imagined the long term impact. So, what was the key with Zinzendorf-


Prayer in the life of the Moravian community was a natural, wonderful, necessary discipline. One can trace the importance of prayer very early in the life of Count Zinzendorf. When he was in the college at Halle at the age of 16, he took to Professor Franke a list of seven praying societies he had formed. Zinzendorf carried with him, throughout his life, an atmosphere of prayer.9


It has to be real! We must develop an intense and intimate prayer life. Listen to this regarding Zinzendorf-

How did this man inspire generations of people to pray continuously, day and night, for over one hundred years? How did he “uncrowd” his heart to spend hours a day in prayer, even though he was so engaged, laboring to expand God’s kingdom? Why were his followers so devoted to Christ that when Moravian missionaries were murdered, others volunteered to take their place? Why were they willing to make dangerous ocean voyages, risking their lives to share the Good News with those who had never heard? What made the Moravian missionaries so different from others?10

He inspired people to pray, really pray. Are we known for our prayer life or are we so busy with life that we miss this critical ingredient? The reason Zinzendorf prayed was because of his love of Jesus and people. The vision inside of him to see souls won for Jesus drove him to the altar.

How did the fire of Moravia continue? 24/7 prayer started by the children that lasted for one hundred years.!