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George Whitefield, who saw incredible revivals, was also a man of intense prayer. He said once-

”With many others I spent a night in prayer and praise,”4


We can barely pray five minutes and we expect incredible results yet these people spent hours and even nights in prayer. Listen to Goerge Whitefield again-

“Sometimes whole nights were spent in prayer. Often have we been filled as with new wine. And often have we seen them overwhelmed with the Divine presence and crying out, “Will God indeed dwell with men upon earth! How dreadful is this place! This is none other than the house of God and the gate of Heaven!”5

We would experience personal revival if we learned the power of prevailing prayer. Prayer must be real and not just a show before men. We can’t play a game before the Lord by giving an appearance of a prayer life before men, but in Secret not having one. John Wesley wrote-

Let us beware of mocking God, of turning our fast, as well as our prayers, into an abomination unto the Lord, by the mixture of any temporal view, particularly by seeking the praise of men.6